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  About Us

Lady Valet Dry Cleaners is the London's leading dry cleaning and laundry service provider. Established with a vision to offer professional dry cleaning service to the customers, upholding the great values of the customer care and quality service, we have outshone our competitors through dedication. Washing and pressing of clothes and other textiles is the requirement of daily life and we want to make it effortless for you. The valuable services of Lady Valet are aimed at bringing convenience to your daily life by managing the cleanliness of your clothes, linens, carpets and curtains.

We want our customers to feel special. We do it by giving them an opportunity to wear the same old clothes with renewed shine and attractive appearance. Other than this, we are your partner in keeping your house clean by offering house cleaning, carpet and bed linen cleaning service. We pledge to maintain and improve the service and this is why we have added benefits like pick and drop service and are also taking online orders.

Latest equipment is not an option at Lady Valet but are deemed necessary to maintain the quality of work. With all the new kinds of textiles and their variant washing methods, we quickly adopt the modern machinery to clean and press them according to guidelines. We are punctual, professional and ever evolving and it has made us a popular choice in clients. You do not have to swing by us to get you messy stuff cleaned but we swing by you to take it and deliver it.