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The wide range of services at Lady Valet Dry Cleaners makes us a one stop shop to all of your dirty linen blues. When every day is a laundry day at our service center, you do not have to select a laundry day in your busy week. Everything from your clothes, shirts, dinner suits to the house linen cleaning like curtain, bed sheets, duvets and sofas are cleaned. To pace up with the client's demand, we offer pick and drop door to door service. You just have to order through internet or make a call to us and our agent will pick up the dirty ones from your address and will return them neat and clean. Apart from this, the efficient service ensures you the same day cleaning as well.

The only acceptable limit of service quality is that of perfection. Unless we straighten out every single wrinkle in your dress or clean every small stain of dirt, our work is not done. This is the reason that our customers look up to us for the highest standard dry cleaning services offered at reasonable rates. We also offers special cleaning services for your expensive clothes and take special care in washing and ironing. So, basically with the Lady Valet Dry Cleaner's scope of services, you and your house can remain clean with only a minimal effort and in a small amount of money.