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  Terms & Conditions

  • All Garments are cleaned with due care and attention according to the manufactures cleaning instructions on the label attached.
  • The management regrets that they are unable to accept any responsibility for shrinkage, color fading, stain or damage to button buckles, zips, belts, shoulder pads and trimmings. All beaded garments will be cleaned at owner's risk due to mislabeling cleaning instructions by the manufacturers.
  • All curtains that are dry cleaned must be must be allowed to shrinkage up to 3-5% according to British standard guideline for fabric processed in dry cleaning plus small additional percentage shrinkage where curtains are made with sewn seams and linings.
  • Ladyvalet will accept no responsibility for color difference when part of a matching suit/customer or no any other matching part is sent in for cleaning without the other.
  • Ladyvalet will not accept any responsibility on garment shrinkage.
  • Not all marks, dirt and stains (such as ink) can be removed ingrained dirt can penetrate the skin and damage it.
  • Garments with white or light colored linings (and/or color) will be cleaned at the owners risk, on the understanding that the color may run from the outer skin discolor them and it is not always possible to get them completely clean.
  • The first time a garment is cleaned it may result in a change of color or texture.
  • The use of incorrect adhesive during ferment manufacturing, to secure hems and other parts or Borg linings, may result in the adhesive coming to the surface during cleaning showing as strains on the surface of the garment.
  • After cleaning, slight difference in shading of panels may become apparent due to the construction of the garment using skins form one or more animals.
  • No responsibility is taken for fancy trimmings, buckles, zips and buttons.
  • Scar tissue may become more damaged during the cleaning process.
  • Garments manufactured using weak skins are liable to break up or tear during the cleaning process.
  • Worn/old skin may become damaged during the cleaning process.
  • Dyes used during tonnage are not always colorfast and there may be some loss change in shade.
  • Linings without a good seam allowance may come apart.
  • Fine skins may lose its shade thorough cleaning.
  • New garments nay age during the cleaning process.
  • Multi colored garment at owners risk.
  • Value of garments over £200 to be specified above.

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