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 Boot Cleaning

Are your trusty boots looking tired and worn? Has the rain, wind and snow taken its toll on that fresh-look sheepskin? Then trust Lady Valet to take care of your beloved boots… Each individual pair of boots, or similar sheepskin footwear, is carefully examined by a member of our highly-trained Suede & Leather Care Team. Specific cleaning treatments are selected and completed depending on the following factors:

  • Color
  • Type and condition of skin
  • Soiling and marks present
  • Wear marks

After this unique cleaning process, each boot will be finished with care to ensure the highest presentational standard is achieved. This means you can step out feeling smart, fashionable and confident once more.
Where appropriate, a spray finish will be applied to replenish natural oils depleted through use, thus helping to preserve the appearance and durability of your boots – which means you can enjoy wearing your favorite boots for longer. So why not drop them in to us today? We'll have your feet feeling snug and warm once more.