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 Leather and Suede Cleaning Service

Lady valet dry cleaners provides a suede, sheepskin, and leather cleaning service for a range of garments and items, including; coats, jackets, suits, waistcoats, skirts, trousers, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle leathers and handbags.

Our experienced suede and leather cleaning team are highly trained to produce exceptional results in restoring suede, sheepskin and leather to as near the original condition as possible. In the case of sheepskin rugs, our professional cleaning and brushing service can restore them to look as good as new. We also provide a re-waxing service for leathers.

Due to the complexity of the processes involved in suede and leather cleaning, service times vary depending on the degree of soiling and staining and whether any alterations or repairs are requested. Ask at your nearest branch for details.


Our highly-skilled staff specializes in the cleaning and refurbishment of motorbike leathers. Most motorbike race suits feature numerous colors. Finding the perfect match to these shades and re-spraying motorbike leathers is, in many ways, the very essence of the leather finisher's art. Our talented motorcycle leather cleaners have honed this craft over many years, and can deliver the pristine appearance you desire.

Due to the complex processes involved in cleaning motorcycle leathers, completion times may vary and depend largely on the degree of soiling and staining. Extra time should be allowed if alterations or repairs are also requested.